Foam Roller & Lacrosse Massage Ball 65mm Set BodyNetics

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Product description

BodyNetics Roller is widely used for sef myofacial release. It is also recommended for activating the body before training and relaxing the body after an intense workout to accelerate regeneration. Also used to reduce muscle pain and tension, relax, improve mobility and body flexibility. BodyNetics Foam Roller thanks to its surface covered with gentle honeycombs bumps improves blood circulation and helps to eliminate cellulite. Made of EVA foam which guarantees durability, it does not slip during the exercise and offers an optimal (average) level of hardness. Cleaning with a wet cloth. It is recommended not to expose to long-lasting intense sunlight.


Length: 45 cm
Diameter: 15 cm
Bumps thickness: 1,5 mm
Color: Black

BodyNetics LaCrosse Massage Ball is widely used for self myofacial release by athletes and physiotherapists. Massage with it helps to relax muscles and accelerate tissue regeneration by improving blood circulation. It is irreplaceable for precise massage of hard to reach parts of the body. Made of high quality hard, non-marking and waterproof rubber offers high quality and hygiene.



Diameter: 6,5 cm
Weight: 150 g
Color: Black


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