BodyNetics Set Roller Pink Mat 185cm Mini Bands

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Product description

Product description

A fitness set of the BodyNetics brand. It consists of: Pink Mini Band Loop Set / Pink Thick NBR Mat 8mm / EPP Massage Roller.
Technical details:


BodyNetics training bands are made of the highest quality natural latex, which makes them pleasant and non-allergenic in contact with the skin, as well as very durable and resistant. The material from which they are made allows them to be safely stretched up to four times the resting length. A clear marking of resistance makes it easier to choose the right band. They are waterproof and retain their parameters even with intensive and long-term use.

Mini band fitness loops are commonly used by athletes as well as in physiotherapy rooms.

Product details:

Material: Natural Malaysian Latex
Length: 25 cm (circumference 50 cm)
Width: 5 cm
Thickness: 0.4mm; 0.6mm; 0.8mm; 1mm; 1.2mm
Resistance: 1-3 kg; 1-5kg; 5-10kg; 10-15kg; 15-20kg
Manufacturer: BodyNetics

=> MAT
Product details:

The BodyNetics exercise mat is made of a thick layer of high-quality NBR material, thanks to which it provides great cushioning and stabilization during exercise. The mat is intended for yoga, fitness, pilates, stretching and physiotherapy.

Thanks to a comfortable strap, it is conveniently stored and transported - to sports activities or trips, where it can be used as a sleeping mat.

Product details:

Pink colour
Material: NRB
Length: 183 cm
Width: 61 cm
Thickness: 8mm
Developer: BodyNetics
Cotton storage / transport strap included

BodyNetics Roller EPP Massage Roller is a muscle self-massage roller, ideal for activating the body before training and relaxing the body after intense exercise to accelerate recovery. Also used to reduce pain and muscle tension, relaxation, improve mobility and flexibility of the body. Completely smooth surface ensures maximum relaxation and relaxation during use. Dedicated to people practicing sports, trainers and physiotherapists. Cleaning with a damp cloth.

Length: 32 cm

Diameter: 15 cm

Material: EPP foam

Developer: BodyNetics

Hardness: Roller hard

Colors: black / pink


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