Mini Power Band Set x3 BodyNetics

6.25 EUR

Product description

BodyNetics Mini Power Band is a set of 3 bands with different resistance level. Made of the highest quality natural, organic Malaysian latex, which makes them very durable and pleasant in contact with the skin. Mini Power Bands are very important in modern functional, strength and medical training. Convinient cover is attached to the set. Cleaning with a wet cloth. Eco friendly material. It is recommended not to expose to long-lasting intense sunlight.

Lenght: 25cm
Girth: 50cm
Weidth: 5cm
Thickness & Resistance:
Grey: 0,6 mm & 3 - 7 kg
Blue: 0,8 mm & 8 - 12 kg
Black: 1,0 mm & 13 - 17 kg


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