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Bodynetics Power Tube Set offers 5 specialy reinforced training tubes, made of natural Malaysian latex, extremely durable and resistant to ruptures. They can be stretched up to five times the rest length. Training Tubes are very popular among professional athletes, amateurs, as well as physiotherapists. Each of the Tube offers a different level of resistance, Tube can be used individually, as well as stapled together to increase the resistance. Hand grips and ankle fasteners are covered with a layer of neoprene foam, thanks to which they ensure adequate stabilization, safety and hygiene. Steel buckles guarantee quick and firm assembly. The door handle allows you to use the set in all conditions. A comfortable cover is included. It is recommended not to expose to long-lasting intense sunlight.

Lenght: 150 cm
Set's weight: 0,8 kg
Yellow: 2 - 3,5 kg
Green: 4 -5,5 kg
Red: 7 - 8,5 kg
Blue: 9 - 10,5 kg
Black: 11 - 12,5 kg




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