BodyNetics™ is a brand created by a group of healthy life style, sports and new technologies enthusiasts. Our trainers and physiotherapists have got many years of experience in working with professional athletes, amateurs and with people who are trying to restore the proper body functioning.   BodyNetics Mobile Application offers unique fitness and body support workouts and training programs based on 350+ exercises with videos and technique description.


Complex routines and plans to help you get lean and toned body, increase strength and flexibility. We have developed separate routines and plans for Women and Men to better focus on specific needs and body characteristics. Our training is not only weightlifting and bodybuilding – we give professional warm up, mobility, activation and stretching elements into your training to take care of your health as well as your body’s look. Work out with BodyNetics at Home or at the Gym and let the results impress and inspire you and your friends.


Our certificated physiotherapists have prepared unique, short and effective stretching and strengthening home and office routines to strengthen your body and make it more flexible. Office routines can be easily done at your workplace all you need is couple minutes. Your living room is a perfect place for home routines.


Body Support and Functional Strength trainings for runners with all level of experience. Work with our Warm Up, Cool Down and Stretching routines to improve your running trainings efficiency, accelerate regeneration and increase injury resilience. Functional Strength training will help you become better runner and push your body’s limits higher.


Plyometric and Functional Strength workouts, Core Stabilisation trainings, Warm Up, Cool Down and Stretching routines will help you make your training more effective and improve your results. Use knowledge and experience of Tennis / Squash trainers and physiotherapists and train like a pro.


Mobility and Core Stability routines will prepare your body for Cross Training challenges. Improve your joints range of motion, get better control of your body and make the risk of injuries lower.

Choose the area you want us to help you with and reach your goals with our experts’ knowledge and experience.

BodyNetics is also a brand of highest quality sports and physiotherapy accessories available in our eSHOP.