• Rolling - what are its benefits?

    03 April 2019
    Massaging foam rollers have gained a lot of popularity these days. We often see people using rollers to massage their muscles before or after exercise. We will tell you why a roller or a ball can be your friend if you train regularly or experience posture problems.
  • Mobility vs stretching

    05 November 2018
    "I want to do a lower squat, but I can’t do it." Many people have big problems with joint mobility nowadays. Lack of proper ranges of motion can result in overburdening and, consequently, pain. What should you do then? Stretch? Be more physically active? Or maybe something else? In the following post we will try to explain what needs to be done in order to improve our range of movement. And most importantly - make the improvement permanent.
  • Healthy snacks

    03 November 2018
    Many of us choose whatever's on hand for a snack. It’s often a pastry or a bar from the vending machine, because there is no time for proper food at work and we want to eat something quickly. However, it is worth taking a moment in the evening to prepare a healthy snack for the next day. A meal eaten at work, at school or away should be as nutritious as the one eaten at home. In addition, it can be even tastier than its store-bought counterparts!
  • Prolonged sitting at work=back pain. Or perhaps not...

    02 November 2018
    PROLONGED SITTING AT WORK = BACK PAIN. Or perhaps not... We often hear from doctors or physiotherapists that the sitting position has negative impact on our backs. But is this really the case? As it turns out, a vast majority of research does not see the relationship between deskbound work and the occurrence of back pain. So are all the slogans that talk about it wrong? Not quite – and we will try to briefly explain to you why.
  • What exactly are these "isotonic sports drinks"?

    31 October 2018
    There is a growing number of isotonic sports drinks on the market, mainly intended for physically active people. What makes companies attribute so many great properties to them? How are they better than ordinary mineral water and when is it best to drink them?