TPE Fitness Mat BodyNetics Green

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Product description

The BodyNetics mat is a proposal for the most demanding users. Made of two layers of ecological TPE material, it provides the highest comfort for the exerciser as well as durability and hygiene while maintaining a low weight. The structure of the lower black layer prevents the mat from slipping during exercise. The upper, pink thermoplastic layer offers the optimal level of softness and cushioning for any type of physical activity.

Perfect for yoga, stretching, pilates, gymnastics and all kinds of activities.

TPE material is biodegradable.

The BodyNetics mat is waterproof - sweat drops will not soak into it (unlike mats made of NBR and PVC) and will not cause microbes to multiply inside it.

Convenient transport / storage strap included!

Length: 173 cm

Width: 61 cm

Thickness: 6 mm

Weight: 0.8 kg

Color: Green - Black

Cotton belt / handle for transport / storage

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